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Hire an Arborist to Keep Your Trees Looking Great!

Proper arboriculture requires more than just letting trees grow. With most species of trees, proper, regular pruning is also required. Along with this, trees need to be fertilized and pests need to be kept away from them. Finally, they need to get the right amount of water.
All of these tasks are made easier when you know what needs to be done. You will likely need help for at least some of them, too. Pruning and pest control require climbing high into tall trees, and is dangerous for someone without the right equipment and training. Even spraying from the ground has the hazard of the chemicals falling back down into the operator's face, and without the right protection, this can cause serious health problems.
Here at Devine Arboricultural Solutions, we do far more than cut trees down. We also take excellent care of the trees you want to keep. Our crews are trained in the latest safety methods – both for themselves and for the trees we care for. We prune trees so that they remain strong and their branches do not interfere with structures or power lines. 


We also provide education so that you can take care of your trees' ongoing basic needs. This includes letting you know when and how much to water, whether fertilization is required (and if so, how much and what kinds to use), and what to look for to spot emerging problems before too much damage is done. We can also take care of inspections and fertilizing if you so choose. Call us to ensure that your "keeper" trees remain in great shape!

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