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OUR COVID-19 Protocol

To our valued clients.

Our collective safety and health are of top priority and we have been implementing specific protocols to ensure everyone on the work site remains safe and healthy:


1) We have been and will continue to follow the government advisements in terms of sanitizing and cleansing including our equipment, vehicles, uniforms, hands, gloves, etc. As well as daily disinfecting of all equipment in the morning and evening as well as between clients.


2) We are a very small crew consisting of a maximum of 4 people who complete a Covid-19 Self-Assessment ( before coming to work each day. We drive separately to site to ensure we are keeping social distance from family to family and are keeping 2m distance (except family members) while working.


3) We will not be using your washrooms or stepping into your homes for any reason. Please respect our efforts to keep a 2 metre distance between us and you.


4) We will disinfect any item we need to touch in your yard (i.e. moving lawn furniture, garden items, etc.)


5) We will be bringing our own hand soap on site so we are able to properly wash our hands frequently and will always have hand sanitizer on hand when hand washing is not possible. We will wear clean gloves but would be grateful to use your outdoor taps/hoses (we will sanitize after use) or we will bring our own water for hand washing and drinking if this is not possible.

6) All payment is to be made without physical contact. We accept all major credit cards, e-transfers and cheques if they are left in a secured area for us to pick up outside of your home.

7) We can accommodate additional requests-please let us know how we can make you comfortable!


To a safer, greener future,

Tiger Devine




Director of Devine Tree Services dba Devine Arboricultural Solutions
ISA Certified Arborist #PN 8007A
ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
Qualified Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessor #P2350
Qualified Tree Appraiser

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