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Hedge Trimming

Get the Perfect Look with Professional Hedge Trimming

Even though it looks easy, hedge trimming actually requires a decent amount of skill to do properly. It's all too easy to end up with an unwanted slant in a hedgerow, hedges that are dead on the bottom, or other bad-looking effects of poor trimming. If a hedge has become overgrown, the danger of a trim making it look worse is even higher.
All of these possibilities can be avoided by hiring Devine Arboricultural Solutions to trim your hedges for you. We know all of the proper methods for trimming, and have the experience needed to get it exactly right. We'll also recommend the right schedule for future trims, so your hedges won't get into poor condition in between maintenance sessions.
While we're there, we can also trim fancy tree designs for you in certain species. While not all trees grow thickly enough to hold designs, many do, and it looks great when they are trimmed accordingly. Spirals, balls, and similar shapes are very popular and really make your landscape stand out. We can also trim other designs, so be sure to ask if you want something more unique.
With our hedge trimming and tree design service, you won't have to worry about what the end result will look like. You also won't have to dedicate your weekends to your landscape. Instead, you can simply set up a maintenance schedule with us, and know that on your time off, you can just sit back and enjoy the beauty in your yard.
To learn more about these and other services we offer, just give us a call. We'll be happy to assess your landscaping needs and give you a quote.

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