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Tree Planting

Tree Planting and Maintenance: Essential for a Good Landscape

Vast expanses of lawn need trees to make the landscape 3D, but not all property starts out with them already present. Instead, tree planting is done to bring more depth and interest to the area. The end result can be amazing compared to what was originally there, but getting from one point to the next can be a lot of work without help.
Tree planting itself can be backbreaking work for someone who isn't equipped to deal with it. For this reason alone, it's usually a good idea to hire a crew to get the job done. Not only can a crew easily plant multiple small trees; it will also have the equipment needed to deal with large ones. This makes the project go far more quickly, and eliminates the risk of injury for the average homeowner.
It's also important to remember that tree maintenance is needed after the tree planting is complete. All new trees need regular watering in the absence of rain, and it's also a good idea to weed around their bases until they are well-established. Typically, landowners can do this level of maintenance themselves, though it is possible to have a landscaping company do it along with their other jobs.
With some species, tree maintenance goes beyond this level. Trees may need yearly pruning to get rid of weak branches and branches that are growing towards the interior of the canopy. Some types also drop fruits, nuts, or flowers in large enough quantities to require raking underneath their branches. These things typically aren't too problematic while the trees are still small. However, once they become larger, it's a good idea to hire a service to do the work. This ensures proper pruning - and keeps the amount of labor manageable.

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